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Booking Instructions

**When booking please select an option from a calendar below to verify the date and time you are requesting is not already taken. Each time-slot is separately marked with corresponding time from 2 hours-12 hours. First select the calendar that displays the hours you are requesting, then select a date, select start time(Times are from 9am-12am 7 days a week if a start time between those hours is not showing up it's because it has already been booked) the calendar will automate end time pursuant to the 2 hours-12 hours calendar you selected. Inside the calendar drop down window you can enter your payment information (please make payment in the calendar window and disregard the add to cart button shown above the calendars.) If you are booking a session for vocals with 2+ instruments scroll down the page and you will see a different product labeled to indicate those booking options. Once you have paid the deposit your studio time is booked. Any issues feel free to contact us. Thank you for choosing MWO for all your recording, mixing, mastering needs.**

"Bringing originality to reality" 

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